My yearly post!

Well,  a  year later…haha.

James has become quite the little reader, he knows his ABC’s, 123’s, an is writing letters and numbers! He also can’t get enough baseball, he will play for hours, and I can now hit a baseball thanks to his desire to be a pitcher. He has an “eagle eye” and can spot a Best Buy ( his favorite store) from miles away! He is very stubborn, like me, but is now potty trained (unlike me, since I was like 4 and in diapers…)

Aaron finished track season, and they had a great season with quite a few state qualifiers/placers. He is very busy, as usual.

I am still working as a manager at a software company and have learned a lot about the industry and about management. I will be starting my MBA at BYU this fall and I am very excited for this new opportunity! I need to brush up on my homework skills though, since I was never the best student, haha. 

Laura came to visit last week and we ate lots of food, shopped, watched Downton Abby and went to Yogurt Bliss like 8 times!! James misses his favorite person, Lolo, now. 




One response to “My yearly post!

  1. whoaaaaaa…a post! and I get featured! woohoo!

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