Monthly Archives: April 2011

My updated life

My sporadic update:

James now walks/runs everywhere, he says a lot of words, and he loves to shoot baskets on his basketball hoop. Oh, and eating crayons… which I try to stop as often as possible. He also loves to be tickled.

I now have a new job 20 minutes away. I absolutely love it so far. I applied for a new opportunity and it turned out to be just the change I was looking for. I’m a month in and hoping things keep going well. I’ve been promoted and now manage the sales team, which is awesome.

Aaron is now entering outdoor track season with his team, and they are off to an exciting meet in St. George! He has a lot of really talented athletes, and they are hilarious kids. I went to the meet on Wednesday and they gave James cupcakes, cookies, and poptarts. So I’m pretty sure we have another fan of the track team at our house now.