Monthly Archives: November 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend!

We spent Thanksgiving with Aaron’s family, and it was great, his siblings are really funny. ┬áNot as funny as you, Laura/Katie. And Nate and Anna brought their HUGE dog. As in, his face is level with the kitchen counters. Very entertaining, I felt like I was living in that comic strip with the huge dog (howard huge?) for like 2 days.

Today Aaron and I went black friday shopping, which means we headed to the mall at around 1:00. Basically no deals were left, but whatever, we still bought stuff anyway in the spirit of money-spending. We ate dinner w/ Maegan and Michael, and lunch at the mall with Jon and Aubs, so basically I feel like I’ve eaten 5 bricks today.

Aaron is between coaching seasons right now, so they’re just practicing for indoor track these days. His life is also going well b/c the Jazz just beat the Lakers.

James is crawling everywhere and getting into everything. My life is this: go to work, come home, chase James around the house. On the weekend: chase James around the house, try to do things between chasing him around, ending up going somewhere that involves him in his stroller or a high chair or shopping cart.

I’ve been doing the same old stuff as usual. See above.