I’m coming to VA!!!!!!!!

Wow. I can’t begin to describe my excitement. It’s been too long!

So update- baby book project is not gonna happen. I straight up hate scrapbooking even if it is disguised as a baby book, especially after hearing stories of moms who have let their scrapbooking “get out of control”! How does this even happen??

We’ve had an awesome summer so far, not that I really have a “summer” but as long as it isn’t snowing I’m happy!  I’ve decided that I need to be back in the south/east. I’m just not cut out for Utah! Too much snow among other things. Although in a moment of weakness I almost bought one of those massive bangly watches that women out here wear all the time… what has happened to me?

James is now fully mobile. Army crawling everywhere and taking his first “crawl steps”! It’s so hilarious, he loves to bang on my computer keys and scoot around to play with the remote or xbox controller. It also seems he’s broken my comma key, it’s all crooked and weird.

Work is good, Aaron is gearing up for XC season and I’m now managing a sales team in my office. It’s great, definitely hard work, but it keeps me busy. Plus any job that provides a company car is not something I would deny, lol.

So yeah that’s my update for those of you who still check out my blog on occasion!


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