Almost summer!

Yes! I’m so excited. I want to plan a vacation, obviously nothing long (not enough vacation time). I’m thinking somewhere with a beach, good shopping, seafood, baby-friendly. I really want to go somewhere since last summer we didn’t get to go anywhere and the only place I traveled was to CA for work, which is not exactly a vacation.

James update: He’s trying to crawl! It’s so cute! He’s got the leg part down, but hasn’t realized that he also has to push up with his arms. Soon he’ll be into everything. He wants to move around so bad! I went to Aaron’s track team end of year celebration and it was all I could do to keep him from launching himself out of my arms and onto the floor! Unfortunately at a high school there really isn’t anywhere for him to be other than my weak arms.

So, don’t judge me, but I have a new project. A baby book. I’ve never been into any sort of scrap booking- I mean think of the stereotypical scrap booker… but a baby book is legit right? I’m not against scrap bookers, but you all know that person with so much free time that they have scrap books for everything, if I had that kind of time maybe I’d have an entire book dedicated to “Spring has Sprung! 2010!” etc. I’m incredibly uneducated in the world of craft paper and stuff. I couldn’t even find glue sticks at the craft store, if that’s even what you’re supposed to use.

My other current “project” is getting in shape for the Wasatch Back.  A lofty goal to get back in shape. I’ll be running 3.5, 7.7, and 4 mile legs, the last of which climbs 1500 feet. Yikes. Need I say more? I will say that running is finally normal feeling again, I lost all the baby weight, so I don’t feel like a jello jiggler every time I run, which is a great improvement. I actually ran 40 minutes the other day and kind of felt like I could go longer if I wanted to!! I didn’t though b/c my the end of 40 minutes I’m thinking of all the other things I ought to be doing.


One response to “Almost summer!

  1. Almost crawling? That is crazy! Go James!!

    And I’m totally judging you for being crafty. 🙂 haha! That’ll be fun to make a baby book.

    We really should get together with our little ones again. I’d love to come and see your place!

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