Lazy Sunday

I love Sundays… There’s nothing better than just relaxing all day and not feeling guilty for not cleaning, not exercising, etc.

At church today our ward got split, one of the 12 year old girls in our Sunday School class was tearfully saying goodbye, and it was slightly humorous- bc we live less than a mile away- and bc things like that are huge drastic events when you’re 12. A ward splitting can be a death ultimatum if you’re stuck with the people you don’t like. Luckily I know so few people besides the kids in our class and a few women in relief society that there is no drastic change for me bc there are no people I don’t like. However today I did awkwardly call a lady’s baby a girl- it was a boy- I hope she’s in the other ward… please. In my defense “it” was wearing yellow, which does not exactly announce a gender.  And pants. Which DO announce a gender at church I suppose… Lets just say I hope to not make any more baby/gender assumptions that are wrong. I basically insulted her child’s manhood. Anyone else ever do that?


One response to “Lazy Sunday

  1. Pants at church clearly means boy. Come on, Suzy. 🙂

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