Monthly Archives: February 2010

2 months old!

Along with James’ 2-month birthday came his 2-month shots. Poor little guy, he turned a deep angry burgundy/purple when the nurse stuck him in his leg and let out a yell so long I wondered if he would ever inhale again! It was so sad! Luckily he seems to have forgotten, but I’m still not looking forward to his 4-month appointment.

Also, along with being 2 months old, comes my return to work. If only we lived in a parent-friendly society where I could take my baby to work. Life would be great if I could have him with me all day. Maybe when I have my next child- this is the distant future- I’ll have my own office by then and I can set up a little mini-daycare for my kids 😉 jk. But it would be nice…

I’ve been spending my last day at home all day just lazing around with James. I figured I should do the one thing that I won’t be doing for a veryyy long time. Enjoying a day off with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Just watching TLC and playing with the baby.


“Sleeping through the night”

I was reading online that sleeping a 4-5 hour stretch is considered sleeping through the night. All I can say is until James sleeps 7-8 hours I will not say he sleeps through the night. Especially when if I put him down at 10:00 he wakes up at 3:00 AM! I would kill to be able to sleep through the night again, I never realized how precious getting more than 4 hours of sleep would be! If I’d known I would have been going to bed at like 8 PM just to get 10 hours while I could!