Monthly Archives: December 2009

I jinxed myself!

After last week’s post I went into labor that night and had the baby the next day! I was in labor for about 16 hours and had James at 2:45 pm, weighing 6 pounds 13 ounces. Everything went well and we went home on sunday. We can’t decide who he looks like, he definitely has the Taylor chin-cleft just like my dad. No red hair though. He’s been very mellow so far and hopefully stays this way. Yesterday was his first Christmas.


Will the baby ever come??

I’ve been having contractions for the past 4 days, and still no baby. I’m so impatient I can hardly stand it. I suppose my due date isn’t for another week and 1 day, so I should settle in for a bit of a wait. If anyone has any advice on things to trigger labor, things to bring to the hospital, etc, please share. It’s hard to go to work and wonder if the next day I’ll be back, or if I’ll be back in 6-8 weeks! I don’t want to leave anything unfinished! I’ve also been trying to make sure I leave the cats plenty of food, so they don’t starve if nobody comes home to feed them!

Christmas is almost here!

Sort of.

Only 3 weeks left until the week of Christmas and the week of the baby! Hopefully I can keep the cats out of the Christmas tree for that long. And hopefully I can get all of my christmas shopping done! I love christmas shopping, I wish I could buy a gift for every single person I know. It would be so fun.

Thanksgiving was fun, we had dinner with Aaron’s extended family and went to see New Moon, which was pretty good. On Friday we hit up some black friday shopping in the afternoon- that’s how dedicated we are to shopping, and got our christmas tree. Then on saturday I went to breakfast with Aubs and Lex and spent the BYU-Utah game cleaning, sewing, and doing other housewifely sort of things like watching America’s Next Top Model.


Going back to work today after having been off a few extra days was rough, whenever I have time off I get spoiled and want even more. Never satisfied I guess. I couldn’t ever be a teacher and have the whole summer off, I would be absolutely incapable of going back. On a good note, I got my car back today finally! No more rental! I was shocked at how much they had to do to it! I had no idea the scope of the damage I guess.