Monthly Archives: September 2009

Update on life

We have our new place, and new kittens. I’ve been so busy chasing them around that I have not really done much unpacking. Well, most things are unpacked, decorating is another story though. So far Eagle Mountain is pretty good, it is beautiful out here, and the Walmart is awesome. Basically Walmart is all there is in Eagle Mountain. Luckily we’re only like 20 minutes from Orem, and about 45 from SLC.

I am now officially 6 months along, so just about beginning the 3rd trimester. The other day was exciting because someone asked me when I was due. Usually I get the “you’re pregnant?” thing. I’m not looking super pregnant yet, so if I wear loose clothes it’s not very obvious. I now have my crib, stroller, and have just about finished making the bedding set.

Aaron is student teaching and is the head XC coach at Westlake high, the new HS out here in Saratoga Springs. I’m working up in SLC doing business to business sales in the management trainee program. So far so good.

I’ll have to post pics of the new place and the kittens and possibly me being pregnant if I ever get up the motivation.