Monthly Archives: November 2008

Thanksgiving break is here!

I’m more excited to not have school, and to have a day off work than I am for the food!

On another note, the Coldplay concert was amazing. Wow. If they were playing in Vegas next I would be on the road right now. Me and Aaron had so much fun! Too bad I didn’t bring a camera though!


OK, time to start blogging again.

Well, now that I am feeling better I am posting again.

Yesterday Aaron was in Salt Lake for a conference, and so I was a lone woman. Me and Laura and Katie went to Red Robin, which is one of my favorite places to eat in the world. We also briefly stopped by Gap, and I tried on the dress that was super cute online, and sadly it was not cute on me.

Today I worked till 2, and then went to the fabric store (never go to the fabric store on a saturday- it’s suicide). I also caught up on a lot of homework, which was nice. I hate hw, but I think I’m catching up finally. Aaron came back, and we contemplated the car I will buy when I graduate, and won money at the hyundai dealership. We are currently watching the end of the Jazz game.

Katie posted an ugly pic of me on her blog. Here is revenge.



Happy birthday to Laura and to me!

We are now 23. So ancient. I now have wrinkles and grey hair. So far it has been a most excellent birthday, including shopping, presents, and aaron making me a bagel. Oh yeah, and sleeping till 11. Awesome. And more to come 🙂 Aaron got me the most beautiful earrings in the universe, diamonds. They really are a girls best friend.