Monthly Archives: September 2008

My weekend.

For friday go to katie’s blog. Very true life stories.

Saturday we went camping!!! It was awesome!!! Me and aaron are SO OUTDOORSY! I even made foil dinners.


On campus all day= death

Only one more semester of being on campus all day, having to fight for the last parking space, and realizing 5 minutes into class how starving I am.

Today I was reminded how strange some BYU students are. I walked into the Wilk to see a ultra-nerdy couple swing dancing right in the entry way… okayyy… During spring and summer most of the weirdos disappear, so I forget about them. Until fall. Then they’re all back…

Shandi is leaving for ESPN today! What will I do without her?! It will be lonely here in provo with her and lex! So Shandi next time you actually read my blog, I MISSSSSS YOUUU!