Monthly Archives: August 2008


I love going home! I miss it! Today I started off the day going to breakfast with Schyler, at cracker barrel, then mom and I headed to VA center commons to shop a little b4 seeing the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. We came home and relaxed for a while, took the dogs on a walk, and now we’re just waiting for dad to come home so we can go out to dinner. Very nice. Very relaxing day. And fun, bc mom is fun of course. I also bought myself a new jacket that is veryyy cute, and was on sale 🙂

Tomorrow afternoon I head back to Provo for my LAST SEMESTER EVER! YYYEEEAHHHH! No more school!


I love the olympics.

I wish the olympics were every summer. It would be awesome.

This weekend was kind of sad because Alexis moved to AZ for grad school! 😦 But I’ll visit her 🙂 I’ll miss my favorite person to trick into running 7 miles with me, and eating fruit icecream with.

Right now I’m debating what to eat, since Aaron is off becoming a movie star. He’s an extra in some movie, and so I can’t justify cooking anything for just me.

Deadlines Deadlines Deadlines

I wonder what it is about the words “Artwork deadline” and “reservation deadline” that people don’t understand? August 1st does not mean August 8th people! Get me your ad asap does not mean you have an extra week to make it! Because Square is bi-monthly with only one summer issue, it means that I was not around for a deadline until this week. For some reason I figured everyone would obey it…. I have no idea why. At the Daily Universe I could count the number of times on one hand that someone had their ad ready b4 the deadline. It is just funny to me that we don’t make the deadline a month early just so everyone can have all the time they need “after the deadline”.

On to a new topic: The Tipping Point. I have to read it and write a 5 page report on how it relates to my internship. I started reading it and so far… nothin. The only connection I can make is that after every single ad is late, I’m at my tipping point??

I’m buff?

I ran 9 miles on saturday! and I’m running 10 this week! I’m finally getting back in shape after like a year of struggling to run 20 minutes! Is it possible that I could be buff?!?!??? I was at the pool yesterday w/ Aubs and there was a chick wearing a thong bikini and she looked like a body builder or something. In comparison I was a shrimp. Therefore I am not buff after all.