Monthly Archives: July 2008

I will get ghetto…

I’ve been assigned to contact a certain company (which will remain nameless b/c you never know who could see this, but we can call the the DG) about advertising. Apparently they want to run an ad in Square, never pay for it, and disappear off the face of the earth. Possibly screwing me out of 2000 dollars. Awesome. I’ll be sure to call them as soon as I have a free moment. I really never want to work with them ever again. I hope their stupid nasty grove goes bankrupt. I told everyone about their lack of payment history, and they were like “well just let them know we’re aware of their history, and call them anyway.” So now I get the job of being like “so I remember what you did to me last year, but its ok. You can do it again.”


I almost forgot about my blog

Its true, I forget about my blog. Mostly because I only remember it when I’m procrastinating HW, and I’m not in school right now. I applied to graduate in December, and thats the only new thing going on, other than if I give a travelogue of what I do every day. And I’m too lazy for that right now.


I’m eating amazing cookies. All i have to say is utah is awesome because there is never a shortage of baked goods. Mom’s cookies are always better, but there is rarely a day without some sort or bread or cookie or cake out here. No wonder so many mormon ladies are fat.