Monthly Archives: June 2008

One week from today I will be on a cruise!

Yeaaahhh! So exciting. Sadly my attempts to become tan have failed. I am defintiely ready to relax for a week. I remember back in the good old days when summer meant playing every day, not working 2 jobs or taking classes. So I suppose next week will be my week of play. Also exciting because we got a sweet deal on our cruise tickets 🙂

I know olympians!!! I am so excited for Nik and Queen, they are AMAZING athletes! Yay! Now when I watch the olympics I will have people to cheer for a little harder than the rest!





School’s out!

No more school till September! In kind of a nerdy way I actually liked my class… I was almost sad to see it come to an end! I had a cool teacher though, he even took us to smart cookie after our final. You can’t beat that. Especially a strawberry italian soda. Only $1.50. I highly reccommend it.

I’m at Square right now, just researching businesses to call. Suddenly I got overtaken with an urge to blog. Now that I have, the urge has died.


Goodbye favorite swimsuit…

Last week Aaron was at a conference for work up in Salt Lake, so I was a lone woman getting to hang out with the girls. I got to go up to Salt Lake on Friday though with Sarah (her fiancee works with Aaron) to stay the night up at the U of U with them. We went hot-tubbing at a random apt complex that we had to kind of sneak into, and it was a really nice hot tub until afterwards when I realized it had bleached out my favorite swim suit 😦 It went from being navy blue, to a nasty greyish tone. I was sad because it was a $80 suit that I got for $5 during the winter on final clearance. You just can’t replace that. It even looked good on my whiteness which is very rare. So now I only have old swim suits that I don’t like. I like it so much I even considered trying to dye it back, but deep down I know that I would make a mess of whats left of it…. 😦

On a good note, I did not wear my ring into the hot tub. So at least that didn’t get ruined too!

The Never Ending Hershey Kisses

I have a small bag of Hershey kisses and I eat some every day and the bag never gets less full…. I don’t know why I even eat them because Hershey Kisses are dry and kind of gross. And the aftertaste is like burned smores. I wonder if it is a scheme to fatten me up? and someone is secretly replacing the ones I eat?

Summer is here.

Today is one of those days where I really don’t want to do anything. I ran with Aubrey and when I came home I really wished it was saturday. Or sunday again. It was very tempting to go back to bed. But I was strong!! I didn’t go back to bed!!!! Go me. 

What does katie want for her birthday??? She should tell me something specific… hint hint.

Aaron’s brother, Nate, and his little son Christopher who is 4 just got into town on Saturday. Christopher can READ. He’s only 4 and he read a book for us and he did a better job than the 13 year-olds in our sunday school class when they read! I’m so impressed that such a young kid can read so much better than people wayyy older than him!