Monthly Archives: May 2008


I was talking to one of my teachers who said graduating in April is better than Dec b/c there is more of a job market. Also, that having an extra internship is verrrry good. So I’m thinking about whether I should graduate in Dec, or if I should draw it out another semester until April. Decisions decisions.

Good news! I’m not weird. haha. I was meeting with a client yesterday and they were telling me how all kinds of people come to them wanting their business to advertise, but he was glad I came because I’m not weird like the other people are who have come before…

Why is my blog boring? Do I have a boring life? I don’t really know how to make it interesting. Or how to add people to the blogroll thing…


I ran like 50 miles– Or at least it felt that way

Yesterday I went on a run with Laura and Sarah (they are still on the track team). And I survived! I haven’t run that long in a very long time, so I am pretty pleased with myself for starting to get back in shape. Sadly today I am kind of feeling the pain. But it could possibly be pain from soccer the other night too… I figure I need to workout or something like everyday or almost everyday b/c someone asked me if i was pregnant. I’d gained like 5 pounds, but I seriously did not look pregnant. So, yeah….


We are going. On a cruise. To Mexico. Thank you tax refunds and stimulus check 🙂

Something I really hate is when I am paying someone for something and they treat me like crap. Hello! I’m giving you my money! At least be polite to me and tell me what I need to do right.

Anyways, I’m gonna study, go to the insurence people (see above), work, and class.


Ok, bitter rant is now complete. I’m done.

So since I don’t have to be at work this afternoon I think I’m going to go for a jog, layout, and maybe read something pointless until my annoyance subsides.

Junk Food

I have decided not to eat extra junk food. Extra meaning that instead of snacking on cookies and stuff I’ll only eat it on occasions. Or with friends. And not eat like 3 helpings. And minimal chips.




Here was my exciting (?) day:

Contacted clients. Created promotion to tap the small local business market. Pretty cool. I decided to be brave and come up with my own idea and tell it to the higher-ups, and to my surprise I was not put on the chopping block. They actually liked it. 🙂 

Got my nails did with shandi, we saw some girls getting the hot stone massage and parrafin pedicure and I wanted to push them out of the chair and have my feet done too. haha. If anyone knows of a place that does cheap ish pedicures, tell me.

Now I am procrastinating again. I just wrestled with ISYS 100 and it sucked.

This weekend, etc!

On friday we went to Red Robin and the baseball game, then watched the Jazz game. Which was sweet bc they won! Yes. I’ve become an NBA fan. I know who the good players are and I can name almost everyone on the Jazz! If you give me a team, chances are I can tell you who their best player is.

On saturday I got my hair cut, finally… Also Aaron and I went looking for a cracker barrel in Springville, on the way we found Llamas, an Emu, a field of lambs, and a Mongolian BBQ! It was awesome, I love Mongolian bbq’s. I especially like to watch the guys cook the food on the giant hot plate. Sadly though all the mongolians started fighting in the kitchen, and it was really loud and there were lots of crashes… We also saw The Other Boleyn Girl. It was pretty good, but too gruesome for me. I’m not huge on the nastiness of the dark ages.

Right now I’m at work, at New Century Learning. I swear sometimes there is absolutely nothing to do. I’m supposed to be proactive and do stuff but there are those times when there is only so proactive I can get without being pointless. So I’m trying to think of marketing ideas. Let me know if you have one.

I’m interning with Square Magazine this summer, so far so good. And it actually counts. Unlike NCL. I’m glad I hadn’t told Square no, because otherwise when the advertising “professional” over me at NCL got fired I would have had no options…