Monthly Archives: April 2008

Lost is boring

My mom is in town! But sadly she and Laura are watching Lost, which is a terrible show. So I’m playing on the internet for lack of something better to do. I used to like Lost, but the whole never getting off the island thing got old fast. Plus it’s creepy.

The Ben Folds concert was AWESOME. It was so fun. There were four openers though, which seriously is too many. I’m a wimp so my legs hurt from all the standing. Some drunk guy was trying to stand on me and Aaron threw the guy off, who then proceeded to act all tough until he realized Aaron was twice his size… haha. Either that or he was scared off because I’m so intimidating….

My internship is going well. I’m going to start selling ads for Square magazine too, which will be pretty fun. And probably be better for my internship credit anyway.


Ben Folds tonight!

We are going. It will be awesome. We saw Jimmy Eat world last week, and that was reallly fun. I’m hoping coldplay comes sometime, b/c that would be amazing.

So tomorrow my mom is coming to visit! I’m excited. We even cleaned the apartment since she is staying with us.

Here is a sad story about how clumsy I am:

I was on a jog (like a really slow one) and was listening to my Ipod when all of a sudden I tripped and fell over the sidewalk crack… and got me some nice strawberries on my knee, hip, and some scratches and junk. It was a moment where I kind of laughed to myself and yet felt embarrassed for tripping on nothing… And my wedding ring came un-attached to my engagement ring, and also got the gold a beat up. So now I am wearing a ghetto ring from claire’s until it is fixed.

I ate too many donuts


I also at too much pizza.

However, I am basically done with finals. So asides from the junk food bingeing I am pretty content with life.

I hate finals

I am procrastinating studying. I have a final on Tuesday and its in the class that I’m not doing well in, so I need a good grade.

I went running with Alexis and Aubrey this morning and they’re always like “i’m so out of shape! we have to run slow…” Yeah right! We were running FAST! I was about to have a heart attack! Seriously, I am the out of shape one. Maybe I should just have some more candy.

Where your jeans come from

In my business management class we watched a documentary called “China Blue”. It is about chinese workers in a jeans factory. I knew factory conditions in China were pretty bad and that the workers didn’t get paid much, but this video was shocking to me!

In this particular factory, the workers make around $60 a month for working close to 100 hours a week. They often have to work 24 hour shifts, and they are never paid what they should be. Also, they live in factory dorms and have to pay all their expenses in addition to sending money home to their families.

I can’t believe I’ve complained about what I get paid, and my hours! I can make more in a day than they make in a month and I still have time to enjoy life. So I recommend watching that documentary, it definitely gives a different perspective on the suffering that happens just for a pair of pants.

I now have an internship.

Finally! I interviewed for 3 last week and they were all second interviews. I decided whoever called me first with an offer would win my talents. So now I will stop complaining about how hard it is to find an internship that pays and that doesn’t expect me to get the coffee for people.

Interning means that I don’t have to work at humanvoice anymore! yesssss!!!!

Also, I doscovered that my hours will begin counting during spring, rather than June. Which is awesome because now I know 280 hours will be easy to get when I have almost 5 months to do it.


It’s April

I can’t believe it is already April. Hopefully the winter is really over now. The semester kind of went by fast if you ask me. I’m excited to finish off these classes and start new ones…

Laura came with us to see Juno last night. It was a good movie, it was funny, and I was surprised that it wasn’t crude. Especially considering the premise of the movie. So I consider it a sucess since all three of us liked it and we all have very different tastes in movies.

I wonder why people are so extravagant. Yesterday I went over and saw the progress of the house that Aaron’s Aunt and Uncle are having built, and it makes me wonder why people don’t just use what they need rather than building 8 bedrooms and 4 family rooms for a family of 5. It is beyond me. Maybe because I wasn’t raised like that I am biased, but dang, its like every person gets their own living room! It is a beautiful house, though, so I will hand it to them for designing it themselves.