Monthly Archives: March 2008


Yesterday was Aaron’s birthday! Happy birthday! We went out to breakfast with his family at IHOP, then I took him to his favorite restaurant, the Bohemian Grill and Brewery up in Sandy for dinner. The food was amazing. Especially the bread. I highly recommend going and getting a cultural experience. We had cake with a few friends and family and some awesome gifts. I love when it is other people’s birthdays, and when I get to spoil Aaron.

We are sunday school teachers for the 11-14 year olds at church. They are so cute. Who says all kids that age are brats? I like those kids, they’re just funny and don’t want to be stuck in a boring sunday school class. So I can identify, because I was kind of disruptive and liked to sleep against the wall in sunday school. We try to keep it as interesting as possible, considering the manuals are rather dry.

 On a depressing note: It snowed. Ok, so that would be fine if it were January. And if it hadn’t been like 60 out yesterday.

A happier note: Aaron’s church basketball team made it to the finals in the regional championship! They were awesome. Church ball out here in Utah is intense. Like life or death. People get kicked out of the church building and they display a giant picture of Jesus in the middle of the gym so that everyone remembers who is watching… haha.


Do internships exist?

I’m beginning to believe they do not. Someone invented them and requires me to participate in one. However, there are none to be found… So the search continues.

On a good note:  Dad got me a new phone while he was in Dubai, and it is awesome! It is so much better than my old one, especially because it does not randomly shut off or drop calls. The keys have arabic on them and the ring tone is some weird middle eastern tune, so it is quite unique. (It came with a really pretty picture of Poppies as the backdrop, and now there is a sad replacement because Karim somehow deleted my poppies 😦 haha)

Right now I’m procrastinating preparing for my speech that I have to present in class tomorrow, and also procrastinating getting ready for my presentation at 4. I only blog when I have hw I should be doing instead.

Can sleep be addicting?

I think so. This morning I woke up and mentally debated over whether or not to go to class or sleep till 11. Sleeping till 11 won out. I also didn’t get a lot of sleep b/c of coughing a lot. So I felt justified staying in bed.

This weekend Aaron is in Arizona for a track meet! I’m excited for him because when I’ve raced in AZ I’ve always done well because of the great weather and because it is the first outdoor meet of the season, so he should also. He’s in race shape so I hope he breaks his PR in the 1500. He needs a great race to get the season to a good start.

I’m procrastinating hw right now. I am a little bogged down from missing class the past week and a half. Which explains why I’m blogging (which I never do), and eating jelly beans.

A good day

I’ve been sick for the past week or so and I am finally feeling good today! 🙂 I have a cough and a little man voice but besides that I’m back to normal. Sleep can do wonders. I’ve slept almost all day everyday this past week and thats why I feel good.

Work was boring, except that I read most of the time and I just finished “Midwives” by Chris Bojahlian. It was really good, and I would definitely recommend it. It was a fairly instense story about a midwife who is accused of killing another woman through c-section, and about the court case, etc. Who would have ever thought that I would become the geek that I am and read books? I used to read when I was a kid, but in highschool and college that love was quickly killed off by boring text books.

Tonight Aaron and I went to Red Robin for dinner AKA endless fries. He is leaving for AZ for a track meet tomorrow, so tonight we figured we’d go out. We also perused the mall. And investigated a potential emergency/crime scene! In other words we saw a fire truck and ambulance going through the neighborhood so we set off after it to see what was going on. I think that might be a crime or something, but we were smooth and casual, kinda like “oh hey look, we just stumbled upon a scene…”

I suddenly remembered I have a blog!

Yeah, I kinda forgot. Plus nobody reads it. Talk about motivation. I figure eventually I’ll actually keep up with it and my friends will know of its existance. lol.

Right now I’m trying to get an internship. I’m really impatient though. I got back emails saying most of the places I applied won’t know for weeks. Or till April. Its been 2 weeks and I just wonder how hard it is to let a person know if they’ve been rejected or not?

I almost got a cat a little while ago. I even picked her out at the cat shelter. I even convinced Aaron to let me have one! But his only condition was to check with the landlady so we wouldn’t get evicted. And she said no. So, no cat for me until I’m a homeowner I suppose.