Monthly Archives: December 2007

Urban Outfitters is here!

Yes it’s true! The Gateway mall up in SLC now has Urban Outfitters.

When I first got out here to UT for school I was so depressed about the lack of shopping. Like seriously. There was Gap, American Eagle (which sucks), Express, and Banana. AKA: Nothing. Now the shopping here is somewhat catching up to the shopping back home! All of a sudden there is White House Black Market, Forever 21, and now Urban outfitters! Not to mention Anthropologie, Arden B, etc…

It’s too bad I don’t have a completely disposable income!

 On saturday we went up to the BYU-Michigan game, it was such a good game, too bad we lost… Aaron is pretty glad that I really enjoy BYU basketball. I probably enjoy it a lot more than he knows. Afterwards we went Christmas shopping at the gateway (where I discovered Urban Outfitters had arrived). We also went to temple square to see the lights, which were beautiful! I love christmas lights. It was really fun 🙂


The Semester is almost over!

For some reason I didn’t realize there was only one week of school left… I keep forgetting that it is December! Probably b/c most places have had Christmas decorations up since September. It makes me think it’s still September. I’m kind of sad this semester is ending b/c it is by far the easiest one I’ve ever had. Including when I was a freshman and didn’t ever go to class. And because from here on out its gonna be hard (aka 15 credits…internship… etc.).

Also I’m looking for a new job, since I stop working at the Daily Universe on Tuesday. My sights are set low, something around 200$ an hour. From home, flexible, doing something mindless. About 5 hours a week. Let me know if something opens up.

Another note: we got a Christmas tree! It would not seem Decemberish without a tree, especially since we don’t go to VA for Christmas until the 23rd. So If we didnt get one it would be a shock to the system to realize that Christmas is soon. Our tree is really cute, it’s my height and its real. A little lopsided… but we have ornaments from Ikea and from Aaron’s mom, b/c she makes an ornament for each of her kids every year.

Also, after being scammed by fake paypal stuff from Nigerians, I got back the video Ipod I had mailed off to Africa. I’d gotten emails with the paypal logo saying that the money had been paid by the buyer and would be credited to my account when I had provided the tracking number from the postal service. I thought it was weird when I never got a confirmation email, so I called Paypal, discovered the scam, recalled the package, and it was found in California and brought back to me. Very lucky. Beware. So now I have Aaron’s christmas present back.