Monthly Archives: November 2007

I finally decided to make a post!

This is my first official blog entry. Be very excited.

 So… this weekend was fun, we went w/ Nik and Tiffany to “Chadders” AKA In-n-Out Burger. It was exactly like in-n-out (which i don’t know how to spell). Now I know why they’re filing a lawsuit. Even the people who worked there were dressed the same, it was creepy b/c I was thinking I was in Las Vegas or something. I will say though that the fries were better. But the burger wasn’t, since the meat was like the thickness of a piece of paper.

We saw the movie Dan in Real Life. It was good, I really liked it and Aaron really liked it so it wasn’t a waste of time. I highly reccommend it. And if you like the Office, Steve Carrel was awesome. And hilarious. See it.