My yearly post!

Well,  a  year later…haha.

James has become quite the little reader, he knows his ABC’s, 123’s, an is writing letters and numbers! He also can’t get enough baseball, he will play for hours, and I can now hit a baseball thanks to his desire to be a pitcher. He has an “eagle eye” and can spot a Best Buy ( his favorite store) from miles away! He is very stubborn, like me, but is now potty trained (unlike me, since I was like 4 and in diapers…)

Aaron finished track season, and they had a great season with quite a few state qualifiers/placers. He is very busy, as usual.

I am still working as a manager at a software company and have learned a lot about the industry and about management. I will be starting my MBA at BYU this fall and I am very excited for this new opportunity! I need to brush up on my homework skills though, since I was never the best student, haha. 

Laura came to visit last week and we ate lots of food, shopped, watched Downton Abby and went to Yogurt Bliss like 8 times!! James misses his favorite person, Lolo, now. 




Summer is here!

James getting ready for the pool

My updated life

My sporadic update:

James now walks/runs everywhere, he says a lot of words, and he loves to shoot baskets on his basketball hoop. Oh, and eating crayons… which I try to stop as often as possible. He also loves to be tickled.

I now have a new job 20 minutes away. I absolutely love it so far. I applied for a new opportunity and it turned out to be just the change I was looking for. I’m a month in and hoping things keep going well. I’ve been promoted and now manage the sales team, which is awesome.

Aaron is now entering outdoor track season with his team, and they are off to an exciting meet in St. George! He has a lot of really talented athletes, and they are hilarious kids. I went to the meet on Wednesday and they gave James cupcakes, cookies, and poptarts. So I’m pretty sure we have another fan of the track team at our house now.

Thanksgiving Weekend!

We spent Thanksgiving with Aaron’s family, and it was great, his siblings are really funny.  Not as funny as you, Laura/Katie. And Nate and Anna brought their HUGE dog. As in, his face is level with the kitchen counters. Very entertaining, I felt like I was living in that comic strip with the huge dog (howard huge?) for like 2 days.

Today Aaron and I went black friday shopping, which means we headed to the mall at around 1:00. Basically no deals were left, but whatever, we still bought stuff anyway in the spirit of money-spending. We ate dinner w/ Maegan and Michael, and lunch at the mall with Jon and Aubs, so basically I feel like I’ve eaten 5 bricks today.

Aaron is between coaching seasons right now, so they’re just practicing for indoor track these days. His life is also going well b/c the Jazz just beat the Lakers.

James is crawling everywhere and getting into everything. My life is this: go to work, come home, chase James around the house. On the weekend: chase James around the house, try to do things between chasing him around, ending up going somewhere that involves him in his stroller or a high chair or shopping cart.

I’ve been doing the same old stuff as usual. See above.


I’m coming to VA!!!!!!!!

Wow. I can’t begin to describe my excitement. It’s been too long!

So update- baby book project is not gonna happen. I straight up hate scrapbooking even if it is disguised as a baby book, especially after hearing stories of moms who have let their scrapbooking “get out of control”! How does this even happen??

We’ve had an awesome summer so far, not that I really have a “summer” but as long as it isn’t snowing I’m happy!  I’ve decided that I need to be back in the south/east. I’m just not cut out for Utah! Too much snow among other things. Although in a moment of weakness I almost bought one of those massive bangly watches that women out here wear all the time… what has happened to me?

James is now fully mobile. Army crawling everywhere and taking his first “crawl steps”! It’s so hilarious, he loves to bang on my computer keys and scoot around to play with the remote or xbox controller. It also seems he’s broken my comma key, it’s all crooked and weird.

Work is good, Aaron is gearing up for XC season and I’m now managing a sales team in my office. It’s great, definitely hard work, but it keeps me busy. Plus any job that provides a company car is not something I would deny, lol.

So yeah that’s my update for those of you who still check out my blog on occasion!

Almost summer!

Yes! I’m so excited. I want to plan a vacation, obviously nothing long (not enough vacation time). I’m thinking somewhere with a beach, good shopping, seafood, baby-friendly. I really want to go somewhere since last summer we didn’t get to go anywhere and the only place I traveled was to CA for work, which is not exactly a vacation.

James update: He’s trying to crawl! It’s so cute! He’s got the leg part down, but hasn’t realized that he also has to push up with his arms. Soon he’ll be into everything. He wants to move around so bad! I went to Aaron’s track team end of year celebration and it was all I could do to keep him from launching himself out of my arms and onto the floor! Unfortunately at a high school there really isn’t anywhere for him to be other than my weak arms.

So, don’t judge me, but I have a new project. A baby book. I’ve never been into any sort of scrap booking- I mean think of the stereotypical scrap booker… but a baby book is legit right? I’m not against scrap bookers, but you all know that person with so much free time that they have scrap books for everything, if I had that kind of time maybe I’d have an entire book dedicated to “Spring has Sprung! 2010!” etc. I’m incredibly uneducated in the world of craft paper and stuff. I couldn’t even find glue sticks at the craft store, if that’s even what you’re supposed to use.

My other current “project” is getting in shape for the Wasatch Back.  A lofty goal to get back in shape. I’ll be running 3.5, 7.7, and 4 mile legs, the last of which climbs 1500 feet. Yikes. Need I say more? I will say that running is finally normal feeling again, I lost all the baby weight, so I don’t feel like a jello jiggler every time I run, which is a great improvement. I actually ran 40 minutes the other day and kind of felt like I could go longer if I wanted to!! I didn’t though b/c my the end of 40 minutes I’m thinking of all the other things I ought to be doing.

Lazy Sunday

I love Sundays… There’s nothing better than just relaxing all day and not feeling guilty for not cleaning, not exercising, etc.

At church today our ward got split, one of the 12 year old girls in our Sunday School class was tearfully saying goodbye, and it was slightly humorous- bc we live less than a mile away- and bc things like that are huge drastic events when you’re 12. A ward splitting can be a death ultimatum if you’re stuck with the people you don’t like. Luckily I know so few people besides the kids in our class and a few women in relief society that there is no drastic change for me bc there are no people I don’t like. However today I did awkwardly call a lady’s baby a girl- it was a boy- I hope she’s in the other ward… please. In my defense “it” was wearing yellow, which does not exactly announce a gender.  And pants. Which DO announce a gender at church I suppose… Lets just say I hope to not make any more baby/gender assumptions that are wrong. I basically insulted her child’s manhood. Anyone else ever do that?